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Personal Brand Web Design for Quay "Kain" Weston, Founder of the Enoch Coalition.

Tools Used: Squarespace, CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Problem: Quay needed a professional and clean website designed to centralize customers and fans of his music and podcast. Quay also needed a flawless experience for design clients with a easy to find portfolio viewer and contact form for conversions.

Tactic: We designed a clean, flat website with minimal colors and transitions to ensure there were no barriers to entry. Tight graphics, large images and text provided a fast and efficient experience for customers.

Result: Increased Quay's site viewership by 170% and unique visitors by 162% after revitalization. Increased conversions on Contact Form for visitors to directly email Quay for design requests.
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Business Website for Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area

Tools Used: Squarespace, Adobe Photoshop, Canva

Problem: Our goal was to create a simple user-friendly experience for customers of Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area of Durham NC. They serve a wide range of clients that have utilized their services for over 30+ years and our goal was to make a brand new website that was as simple and easy to navigate as possible for their demographic.

Tactic: The design featured a landing page for bookings, an about us page, gallery for before and after photos of commercial & residential cleaning projects. Based on customer data and Moore's Personal booking process, we recognized an opportunity to offer free consultations as an advantage on other commercial cleaning companies in the area.

Result: Created web presence for Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area and designed SEO strategy to allow first page search results for this company name. Moore's Cleaning Tri-Area was also presented with a logo, business cards, website, and Google My Business integration.

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DJ Diesel Business Website

Tools Used: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop

Problem: Diesel needed a landing page and information about his DJ services and expertise to drive traffic, booking sales, and followers to his website.

Tactic: We were able to build the original website via Wordpress and provide some graphic design for headers and other visual elements. Once captured, the DJ Diesel Website included biography pages, resume page, gallery with videos, and booking information for DJ

Result: Improved search results for DJ Diesel's website. Increased visibility and web traffic, bookings, and customer engagement for Dj Diesel.
App Demo
smbdywho - A search tool for locating creatives for your brand and business. Simply click in, search for smbdywho 'designs' and watch the results fly up. Scroll to find more. Creatives would have to upload their own image and skill and ~140 character bio and verify an email address before being verified to take clients.

Problem: Single-Member LLC's and small businesses have a need for creative services without the cost of full time staffing. 5 small business owners and entrepreneurs expressed a need for a directory to locate local creative talent to utilize for short term projects in a centralized location. The top requests were for designers, mobile app designers and product designers.

Tactic: Utilizing this user research, this app was generated to make that search process simple. Users could tap into the app, type in the category of the work they are looking for, and they will be met with multiple local creatives who possess that skill or who's title features that key word. Once users choose their profile to view, the creative has the ability to enter a ~140 character or less bio (similar to other platforms most users are familiar with via social media) and offer the opportunity to be hired.

Result: This would be a simple and innovative way to find creatives in your area to hire for small or short-term projects to provide value to brands and businesses.
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